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We invite you share your interest in working with Jillian

What topics are you seeking Jillian's services for? (Please check all that apply)
Will working with Jillian jeopardize your safety in any way?
Do you understand Jillian is a self-worth and relationship consultant and strategist, and that the primary topics she will address are: self betrayal, codependency, and people pleasing? Do you understand working with Jillian means learning to get comfortable with setting boundaries, letting go of things misaligned with your values, grief, radical responsibility, and self loyalty?
Jillian only accepts coaching clients on a case by case basis, if she feels her services can help the applicant. Do you understand you will only be offered a consultation if your needs appear to be a fit for Jillian's work?
Jillian's fees are $150 per hour session. Do you have the ability and desire to make this financial commitment? (If no, please consider Jillian's other budget friendly courses or support group)
Do you understand Jillian's services are not eligible for insurance payments but that Jillian does accept Health Savings Account payments?

Thanks for submitting!

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