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I don't even have to tell you how rough it's been out there...

We've all lost a lot. 

Friendships. Family relationships. Communities. Beliefs and ideologies. Fantasies. People we thought would be lifelong partners or forever friends.

The journey to reclaiming yourself and committing to be true to your values is never an easy one. It is filled with loss and grief. those who would rather keep you contained in a version of yourself they are comfortable with, become painfully clear. 

The choice becomes simple: 

conform and accommodate to other's comfort


choose the courage to be fully and unapologetically yourself. 

This retreat is for those who chose themselves and paid a heavy cost. A cost that deserves to be honored and acknowledged. 

In this retreat, we hold space for the good times we had, for the people we lost, for the past version of ourselves. And, we celebrate our strength to remain true, despite our losses.

Acknowledging the past behind us, we rise from the ashes. 


What's Included:


Three nights at a Mccall idaho cabin:


Up to ten women will share a cozy cabin in McCall, Idaho. 

The grief work we do will include writing, small groups, light physical activity, a grief ceremony, fire ritual work, and connection with other women who GET LOSS. 

In between our groups and homework, we will have time for naps. Walks. Massages. Journaling. Reflection. Fires. Hot chocolate. Hugs. 


There will be candles, and flowers, and quiet reverence.

There will be laughter, and kindness, and tears, and hugs. 

There will be fire conversations on chilly nights with hot chocolate. 

There will be sisterhood, and depth, and divine comfort. 

There will be forest walks and the tangible hugs from mother nature. 


There will be massages, naps, pampering, and reflection. 

There will be collective deep discussions around the topics of bravery, self loyalty, boundaries, honesty, forgiveness, letting go of what’s dead, grief, and self trust. 

There will be grief and relief as you receive validation and acknowledgement for being UN-apologetic for yourself, your desires, and your choices. 


Register for the sacred release retreat now

Date: October 20-23

Location: McCall, Idaho

Cost: $399
3 Payments of $160

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REgistration will close september 1st

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