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Jillian Aurora is committed to research and scholarship about the history of women, why they were oppressed, and how to reclaim power over their lives



After spending the last decade producing courses, workshops, and support groups for women suffering the effects of indoctrinated patriarchy, Jillian was no longer satisfied with symptom management and decided to contribute in a more impactful way - through critically needed research. 

Jillian is currently enrolled in the MSc history programme at The University of Edinburgh, where she is studying the medieval persecution of women due to religious extremism and gender hierarchy. She hopes to use this research to better understand our current gender norms and to equip women with critical knowledge of the past in order to make more consciously informed decisions about their future. 

Believing so completely in this work, Jillian relocated her small family from her hometown of Boise, Idaho, to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she plans to complete both her MSc and her PhD. Jillian is currently in the process of submitting her PhD research proposal and plans to spend 3-6 years completing this endeavor. 

The future of this research is bright! Jillian plans to use her historical scholarship to expand and deepen her coursework, available for women as they break free from patriarchal indoctrination. As the founder of The Unapologetic Empire, Inc., a worldwide support group for women, Jillian has the platform to continue educating women on a global scale. 


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If you are particularly interested in Jillian's graduate research at The University of Edinburgh, there are a couple of ways to support and stay informed. ​

Jillian keeps her Patreon members informed of each personal and academic update and you can follow her journey there, if you want to hear every intimate detail. 

If you are interested in sponsoring Jillian's research, Jillian is offering sponsor recognition placements on her website, emails, social media, and personal merch, for those who make research pledges at or above $1000. 

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