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Celebrate your love, your individuality, and the way your relationship empowers you to be better people. 

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And now it's time to acknowledge all the work you've done. You're not lucky. You've both done the work necessary to create a healthy partnership.

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The Ceremony Package:

  • Rigorous journaling vows homework

  • Ceremony preparation guide

  • Ceremony outline

  • Video tutorial

The Ceremony Content:

  • Facilitator's Outline

  • Introduction

  • Vows reading

  • Anointing

  • Celebration


Your Ceremony Guides: 

Jillian Aurora

Jillian has experienced the profound power of commiting to and dedicating a ceremony to her own inner Goddess. She is now passionate about sharing this rite of passage with all women who have done the brave and courageous work to define their commitment to themselves. 

Marie Wallace

Marie is a passionate and experienced sacred ceremony guide. As an ordained interfaith minister, she specializes in facilitating rites of passage and meaningful ceremonies. Marie is a master at guiding everything from the elegance of weddings to the tenderness of funerals. 

Host your own Unity Ceremony

for only


Memorialize your commitment to your values, your self love, and your love for your partner. Celebrate your individuality. Cherish your relationship, which empowers you, encourages you, and inspires you to be a better you. 

Give yourself the gift of a luxurious ceremony kit

Your ceremony will require some sacred tools and we have done all the hard work to gather the best quality items for you! 

From an unforgettable sacred journal to a handmade candle and luxurious fine Egyptian oils, you will be able to carry reminders of your commitment to yourself sacred partnership forever. 

Included in your Unity Ceremony Kit: 

Sacred Vows Journals
Goddess Crown
Amazonite Necklaces
Fine Egyptian Essential Oils
Handmade Goddess Candle
Himalayan Heart Stone
Invitation Stationary

Sold Separately



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