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The titles you see here are a few of the books Jillian is in various stages of writing or publishing. 

  • Jillian's memoir, I Am Unapologetic, my journey from good girl to Goddess, will be Jillian's first book release. This memoir will cover Jillian's journey through an extremist Christian homeschool cult, family estrangement, codependency, domestic violence, New Ageism, and ultimately deconstruction and self reclamation. Watch for this book in early 2024. 

  • Reclaim Your Salvation, exposing religion's role in abusive relationships, will explore the connection between extremist religion and predatory relationships of all kinds. This book will attempt to document the nefarious grooming that religion perpetrates on women, in an effort to make them vulnerable to exploitive and dominating relationships. 

  • Ritual Without Religion is a book focused on the biological and social needs of humans for ritual, rites of passage, and ceremony. These are notoriously associated with religion, however this book provides a road map for secular and human reclamation. 

  • Getting Married Without Losing Yourself attempts to address the ideological shift from a traditional hierarchy model of romantic relationships to a partnership model. This book provides a road map for those who are seeking to identify harmful unconscious relationship programming and replace it with conscious egalitarian practices. 

  • Warrior Goddess, the historical context of hierarchy and female suppression, targets the usually unconscious gender bias we carry, due to our dark history of female persecution. While this book explores some very sobering times, it provides an empowering path of reclamation to women hoping to reawaken their powerful inner Goddess. 

  • Finally, The Goddess Journal is a one-hundred page journal with self worth prompts. Deconstructing a lifetime of "good girl" programming is a daily practice, not an event. This journal was crafted to help you normalize self love. 

If you would like to support Jillian's work and see these books on the fast track, please consider becoming a Patreon member. This contribution not only supports the many free services Jillian offers to women already, but also empowers Jillian to work her magic through the powerful written word... BOOKS. Even a small contribution goes a long way! Thank you in advance! 

Your contributions allow Jillian to:

  • Facilitate, manage, and direct the ongoing work of The Unapologetic Empire support group

  • Offer free resources through the Unapologetic Facebook group

  • Create low cost courses and workshops

  • Write books about the deconstruction of destructive and oppressive ideologies

  • Host annual retreats

  • Conduct ongoing postgraduate research into the connection between the intersection of religious extremism and gender hierarchy in the middle ages and its impact on our current gender norms

  • Write, edit, publish, and promote books on deconstruction and reclamation. 

Jillian is dedicated both to expose ideologies that are destructive to women and to inspire women to reclaim their own sovereignty and authority. Your contributions give Jillian the ability to offer many free or low cost services, as well as scholarships to women benefiting from assistance. 

As a Patron supporter, you will receive exclusive updates about Jillian's life and work, through the Patreon app. You will be the first to hear important announcements, new research, educational developments, life updates, and growth information about The Unapologetic Empire.

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