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If you are looking for an in-person and all immersive experience, consider registering for a Goddess retreat. 

October 20-23, 2022
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Fall is a season of letting go and starting again. Allow yourself to surrender to this fiery process of purging at this three day retreat in McCall, Idaho. We will be honoring and grieving the relationships that were, celebrating the courage to let them go, and reflecting on the pieces of ourselves we are reclaiming. 

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Date to be determined
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We often spend a great deal of our lifetime obsessing over our commitments to others and how to honor them. But, what about our commitments to OURSELVES? In this retreat, let's spend a few days DEDICATED to your commitment to YOU. Let's define what that commitment looks like and how to honor it. 

date to be determined
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You've lost yourself. You don't know how or why but you've allowed everyone else's needs, dreams, and preferences to become your priority. In this retreat, we will deconstruct all the painful beliefs that led you here and we will walk the path of rightful reclamation of YOURSELF, together. 

date to be determined
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So, you've been through the wringer in a relationship or two and you are just a bit apprehensive about attempting another one... In this retreat we will be discussing the green flags, the red flags, and the building of a glorious PARTNERSHIP, even if no one has ever modeled one for you before. No matter your history, you CAN have an amazing partnership!

date to be determined
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You've done so much work to reclaim yourself. You are solidly in possession of yourself and your Goddess identity. But, you still wonder, how did we - how did women - lose themselves in the first place? Together in this retreat, we will walk through the dark history of the suppression of the Goddess. We will uncover the dark and terrible and then discuss the future of the Fierce Feminine. 

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