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Jillian Aurora is the owner of Goddess LLC, creatrix of the Unapologetic movement, and the founder of The Unapologetic Empire. 



Jillian is a catalyst, a disrupter, and a deconstructor. She is a sometimes an unpleasant exposer of truth, because deconstruction MUST happen before a new dawn of life can be welcomed. Jillian has a vivid clarity about her purpose and an unshakable resolve to see all people embrace their own authority and self-mastery. Those who find themselves in Jillian’s presence often experience both a feeling of safety and the unavoidable urge to expand their beliefs. Jillian provokes an invitation to align with the truest version of yourself and to follow the honest but terrifying whispers of your heart’s call. Grounded but fierce, Jillian is a tantalizing and intriguing blend of old-soul wisdom and heart-wrenching battlescars, earned in life’s arena. 



As a professional, Jillian was drawn to the human services field in the early years of her childhood. She was born into a family with addiction dynamics, mental illness, developmental disabilities, divorce, and a variety of traumas. She was the oldest of six children, three of whom had developmental disabilities and one of whom died. Jillian was homeschooled and lived a very secluded life until leaving for college. 



Jillian majored in criminal justice and minored in psychology, thinking she would become a police officer. Life had a different plan for Jillian however, and she landed a job in a treatment center for teen girls, after she graduated. The rest is history. Jillian has been everything from a developmental technician, treatment center team supervisor, psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, case manager, refugee specialist, treatment plan writer, and administrative editor. 



Jillian’s personal shadow work has included much healing of codependency. Often, people most drawn to healing others also intensely struggle with prioritizing other people’s needs above their own. People pleasing. Self-betrayal. Earned worthiness. Over-functioning. And Jillian was no exception. For years, Jillian was consumed with the obsession of others’ behavior, downplaying her own needs, and was stubbornly committed to others’ demands at the cost of her most basic identity. They were painful lessons. From experience with substance abusing partners, domestic abuse, religious abuse, dishonoring friendships, and loss of identity in her work, Jillian battled with her own intense shadow. 



No matter how fierce her life experiences became, Jillian became fiercer. Each challenge to overcome only made her light brighter and her tenacity to seek truth greater. Every time she was kicked down, she rose again. Every time she fell into a hole, she unravelled the pattern that led her there. She stayed in the arena and learned from every mistake and victory, until she mastered the dance. 



Jillian is a self worth expert who has both traditional education and has taken life’s most intense doctorate program in experience. Those who connect with her don’t have to be told of her knowledge, they experience it.

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