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Jillian Aurora  is a mediator and conflict strategist, who practices in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Jillian has 17 years of experience working in the behavioral health field, has earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and is currently enrolled in the MSc history programme at The University of Edinburgh. During her time working with vulnerable individuals, Jillian became skilled in case management, psychosocial rehabilitation, refugee integration, and clinical editing. Additionally, Jillian has spent 9 years working with women who are victims of exploitative relationships and religious trauma through her services at Goddess LLC. Jillian currently offers support for women leaving high demand relationships and groups and provides strategies and skills to navigate the resulting conflicts. Jillian facilitates face to face mediation, when appropriate, and edits high conflict written communications. Jillian has served on the Idaho Mediation Association board for three years and has served as the Vice President for one year. Jillian is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Soroptimist International, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Personal Experience: 
Jillian is a survivor of a religious cult and exploitative relationship arrangements. Jillian spent over a decade deconstructing the indoctrination that made her vulnerable to repeated unhealthy power dynamics and codependent relationships, including 10+ years in AlAnon, therapy, and personal coaching. Jillian has dedicated the rest of her life to learnin
g, studying, and deconstructing all of the factors that made her and so many other women vulnerable to exploitation and disempowerment. Jillian is currently studying elements of religious extremism and misogyny that have contributed to the persecution of women throughout the middle ages and beyond, as she earns her graduate research degree at The University of Edinburgh. 

Jillian's Style:
Jillian's style is cerebral, straightforward, and intuitive. As an Atheopagan, Jillian comes from a secular perspective, with a high value for rituals, rites of passage, and spiritual connection with others. Jillian places emphasis on self trust, intuition, personal authority, discernment, and loyalty to personal values and standards. Women who have a history of religious trauma, fawning survival patterns, and insecure attachment struggles are an ideal fit for Jillian's individual services, courses, ceremonies, and workshops. 


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