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The Goddess Sages of the Empire are here to serve the Unapologetic  Goddesses of the Empire. We do not instruct or dictate; we simply share our own experience, strength, and hope. We facilitate our Goddess Circles, where each Goddess has an equal voice to share her challenges, victories, struggles, and successes. We hope you will join us as we grow and reclaim our authority over our own lives!

The Unapologetic Empire is 100% FREE - supported by our members and collaborators through Patreon. Please feel free to come and receive freely - and when you feel so inspired - help us keep the lights on with your contribution. 

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Ready to join us?

It is our top priority to create a safe space for our members. Although our group is free, we do require the submission of a safety screening. To join us, please start with the link below.

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