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We invite you to become


an Unapologetic Goddess


Please complete our membership screening to join The Unapologetic Empire. In the interest of our group's safety, all questions must be answered thoroughly and completely in order to join. 

Will your attendance and participation in the Unapologetic Empire jeopardize your safety in any way?
Do you understand the purpose of the Unapologetic Empire is to give consistent PEER TO PEER SUPPORT to women, through regular virtual support groups (Goddess Circles), as they learn the skills needed to overcome relationship patterns and ideologies that continue to keep them stuck in a cycle of destructive relationships?
Do you commit to participate in the Unapologetic Empire in a constructive way, offering your experience, strength, and hope, only when it is asked for, and never giving unsolicited advice?
Do you commit to avoid dominating the support groups (Goddess Circles) with your own struggles/successes and commit to holding a safe and equally inviting space for all who participate?
Do you commit to keeping our group meetings private and confidential (meaning no one else will be present in the room with you that can see or hear the other participants while attending the meeting)?
Do you commit to stick to group topics and avoid divisive political or religious topics?
Do you commit to attending at least one Goddess Circle per month?
Do you have two or more years of publicly lived experience as a woman? (Non binary and trans welcome)
Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with any of our members?
Have you ever had a restraining order against you?
Do you understand there are no fees to join, however the suggested donation is $5 per meeting in order to fund our continued services?
Do you understand your membership will remain at the discretion of The Unapologetic Empire Inc team, and that, if your participation ever becomes dishonoring or destructive to the membership as a whole, you will be removed from the group?
Do you understand that if your screening answers are found to be incomplete or inaccurate your membership will be denied/revoked?
Do you understand that our group facilitators are not therapists or mental health providers but rather peer supports who offer peer to peer lived experience, strength, and hope, as suvivors of religious trauma and exploitative relationships?
Do you understand that these groups do not provide therapy or mental health treatment and are not a replacement for therapeutic services and that we strongly suggest seeking therapy if needed? Do you understand that we do not discuss mental health diagnoses in our groups?
Do you understand that if your membership participation becomes inactive for 60 days, you will automatically be removed from the group?
How did you hear about The Unapologetic Empire?
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