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What we do 


The Unapologetic Empire is a project developed by Goddess LLC to support women through the difficult process of leaving a destructive relationship, religion, or community, and to heal the ideological programming that keeps them vulnerable to repeating those unhealthy relationship patterns. 

There are hundreds of faith based support groups and resources for women healing from and exiting unhealthy and abusive relationships. Time and time again, women who have experienced religious trauma and also deeply in need of support for a variety of relationship trauma, find themselves surrounded by silence or pigeon-holed into conforming to support that doesn’t fit their needs. Still other women, who identify as non religious or spiritual, simply seek recovery options free from religious ideology. Resources like The Unapologetic Empire are badly needed and must remain available to the women who are desperately trying to recover from relationships that damage them. 

The Unapologetic Empire Inc is in the process of becoming an official 501c3, with nonprofit status. In addition to serving women in our support group, we hope to one day open a recovery center for women as they reclaim their lives, their identity, their education, and their financial independence. 

Who we serve

The Unapologetic Empire serves women who are working to unlearn destructive ideologies, regarding self and relationships, that groomed them to ultimately become vulnerable to predatory and manipulative relationships. 

We need YOU

In order for The Unapologetic Empire to succeed in serving women, we MUST get the word out that we exist. Without visibility, growth, and momentum, the careful and exhaustive time spent building the structure, content, and gathering powerful facilitators will be for naught. Without teamwork and collaboration, building this community cannot happen. This is not the work of one person. This is not the vision of one person. This is US. Women. Survivors. Goddesses. We need YOU. 

The benefit of being an Ambassador

As an ambassador of the Empire, the most important thing you will receive is fulfillment, knowing you served your fellow women in a life changing way. Because of your time and care, one more woman can be freed from the shackles of damaging and destructive ideology, that has kept her stuck accepting damaging and unacceptable behavior. 

In addition to the fulfillment that comes with meaningful service, you will receive gifts of Empire merch and Goddess content as we grow. From mugs, to t-shirts, to workshops and courses, we intend to generously thank our ambassadors for their invaluable help. 

THANK YOU in advance for your heartfelt service to the wellbeing, empowerment, and freedom of women! 




How to get started



If you are interested in becoming an Empire Ambassador and making a contribution of your time and service to our team, please begin the application here: 


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