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Rights of Passage: 

The recognition and celebration of life's mile markers, such as birth, adulthood, elderhood, and death. 


Commitment  Ceremonies: 

The witnessing and celebration of a profound life commitment and vow, such as personal commitments or marriages. 

Growth Ceremonies: 

The witnessing and recognition of a major personal event, such as a divorce, loss, birth, or accomplishment. 

I believe an intrical part of fully reclaiming our power and sovereignty is fully CELEBRATING our profound victories. Our sorrows. Our joys. Our human experiences. It is an incredible thing to MEMORIALIZE our most meaningful life experiences through sacred ritual

ceremony packet
Goddess Personal Vows Ceremony Cover (2).png

This Goddess Ceremony packet gives you everything you need to memorialize the most important thing you will ever do - voice your vows to YOURSELF. This kit comes complete with written homework, a package full of ceremony items, and a ceremony recording for you to follow along with. This is the perfect package for the woman who wants to make a statement she'll never forget!

ceremony packet
Uncoupling Grief Ceremony Cover.png

This Goddess Ceremony packet is a rite of passage for the woman who burned it all down. The woman who picked up her crown and walked away. For those processing divorce and uncoupling, this kit will give you everything you need for your own ceremony. This package includes written homework, ceremony items, and a ceremony recording to follow. 

ceremony packet
Goddess Unity Ceremony Cover (1).png

This Goddess Ceremony packet is a memorialization for the couples who have chosen a different way - PARTNERSHIP instead of HIERARCHY. This kit includes everything you need - written homework to review together, ceremony items, and a ceremony recording to follow. This is fantastic packet for the couple who seeks more depth and seeks empowerment of both individuals. 

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