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 resurrect your unapologetic goddess

It's time to understand
why she was buried in the first place

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IMAGINE understanding the context of your inner conflict. 

Imagine understanding WHY you have an unrealistic sense of fear and dread when you use your voice, set boundaries, or act assertively. 

Imagine peering into your forgotten lineage of women before you, who fought, bled, and died, fighting for even the most ridiculously basic of human rights. 

Imagine glimpsing the POWER of the Goddesses of old and the times they were held in awe and reverence. 

Imagine beholding the Goddess power within YOURSELF and beginning to grasp the divine ancestry, alive and tingling, deep within your bones. 

Imagine fully embracing who you are  - ALL OF YOU - without judgment, but instead with Unapologetic reverence.

Imagine UNRAVELING the unsettling mysteries, buried deep within - the ones you've always known were there but could never quite put into words - YOUR HISTORY AS A WOMAN. 

Imagine discovering how deeply, viciously, and relentlessly feminine powers have been suppressed, buried, and burned. 

fully understanding just how feared the feminine powers have been and why they threaten the hierarchy structure, more than anything else in existence. 

What would it feel like, to feel FREE in your UNAPOLOGETIC FEMININE POWER? 

Wouldn't it be SUCH A FUCKING RELIEF to know your life's purpose was never to be as accommodating and sweet as possible? To know it is your BIRTHRIGHT to be MAGICAL, POWERFUL, AND FEMININE? To know you were never wrong about the unshakable feeling there was so much more of YOU buried carefully beneath the permissible surface. To understand how you ever came to accept the nonsense idea that you were small in the first place? 

What if you could unapologetically unleash that inner, buried, quiet power, ever so carefully tucked away?


In the Warrior Goddess course,
I will teach you how to:   

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1. identify and deconstruct ancient and current patterns of suppression, sabotaging your personal authority. 

2. clearly distinguish hierarchy relationship paradigms (SUPPRESSING WOMEN) and collaborative ones. 


3. Understand the depths of your feminine power and why it has felt so forbidden for so long. 


4. Become GUILT FREE about being a fierce fucking goddess.


5. Invite in relationships that celebrate and crave your fierce fIRE - NOT JUST YOUR SOFTNESS. 


6. Become unapologetic of your magic, your power, your divinity, and your authority. 

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"Because of Warrior Goddess, I now understand why it was always so hard to stand up for myself. I have always deeply wanted to be a fierce woman but I have always wanted to please everyone too. Now I realize what was standing in the way of owning my strength. My need to please was deeply embedded all along. No more. I'm finished apologizing for my power." 
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"For so long I have tried to fit into a box of 'femininity'. I tried to be soft, gentle, compassionate, affectionate, loving - all the things a good woman is supposed to be. I now understand that "box" is so much bigger! I am not too much. My understanding of femininity was just VERY small."
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"If I'm too much, go find less."
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"I was so afraid being fully myself - fully empowered and unfiltered - would mean men would not be attracted to me. I see how I have allowed this fear to mold me. I am no longer afraid of WHO I AM. I am a lot. And I am PROUD of it. Any man who isn't proud to fully see me can step off."
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"THANK YOU for running this course! Wow! It's going to take me awhile to process all of this information. After learning so much about women's suppression, my own life makes so much more sense. I understand why I have a habit of accommodating and people pleasing... I understand why being a 'Goddess' always felt so forbidden and bad. With a bit of perspective, I see how far I have come - how far WOMEN have come. It makes me want to cry!"
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"FANTASTIC course! I have been a part of many women's circles and retreats but NOTHING has been as informative as Warrior Goddess. It gives me chills just thinking about the history we have come from and the power we have continued to suppress within ourselves. Movements like Warrior Goddess won't let us forget our power!"
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WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower (1).png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower (1).png
"I Am a Warrior Goddess!"
"I have never felt more proud to be a woman! I don't think I ever truly appreciated what we have been through - what my mom went through, what my grandma went through, and what my ancestors went through. They are all heros. I will keep being a strong woman for them and because I owe it to all women."
"Hierarchy is a word I understand in a much deeper way now. I understand the danger in believing I owe someone my allegiance and submission. I can now put into words why I value partnership and collaboration so very much - because my life and my freedom depend upon it." 

What's Included:


The WARRIOR GODDESS Course includes eight thorough modules, delivered through self study video and slide presentations.

The modules are as follows: 

1. The Origins of Masculinity and Femininity
2. Traditional Gender Roles and Hierarchy
3. The Consequences of Hierarchy
4. The Rise and Suppression of the Goddess
5. Grief and Betrayal
6. Comforting the Traumatized Good Girl
7. The Reclaiming of the Goddess
8. Activating and Embracing All Parts of the Goddess

This is eight weeks of Goddess transformation. Eight weeks of journeying through history, reminding you of your birthright and empowering you to reclaim your authority and your fierce Warrior. 

At the end of each module, you will find a thought provoking and activating written exercise. It is suggested that you take one to two weeks to complete each module, in order to get the most out of it. Time and attention is required, but the payoff for this type of self care investment is more important than any other commitment you will ever make. 

It is highly recommended that you buddy up with a friend or acquaintance who is interested in taking this course. The Warrior Goddess course contains some very heavy and dark content. It will trigger ancient wounds and trauma. It is ideal to work within a group or partnership and this is HIGHLY suggested. If you would prefer a partner but don't know of anyone appropriate or available, consider asking The Unapologetic Empire support group for a buddy. In addition to the emotional benefits of having a buddy, it can be very helpful to share the cost with a small group. 

the VIBE: 

In this course, I teach the context in which women have learned to accommodate, people please, and play small. I dive deep into very dark and buried history. I share from my research, from my experience, from my insight, and from my years of studies. I do not follow norms and I do not source my truth from credentials or carefully crafted positions of power. I follow my own intuition and discernment above all and I teach you to grow that same power and self trust within yourself. 

I teach from the belief that YOU are the expert in YOUR life and in YOUR relationships. I teach from the belief that the QUESTIONS I ask are FAR more important and powerful than my own OPINIONS ever could be. 



Each week after each module, a corresponding worksheet will be available within the course curriculum. As always, you can take the content as deep as you would like. All of my content is carefully crafted to prompt insight and awareness. The more you understand yourself and your patterns, the easier it is to shift the areas you desire change. 

empire membership:

All Warrior Goddess course participants are welcomed to join The Unapologetic Empire free support group. Inevitably, we will move A LOT  of stuff through you, out of you, and into you, during this course. After experiencing so many changes and transitions, follow up support is ideal. The Unapologetic Empire is a great place to continue your journey, receive support, and access some understanding and accountability. You are sure to meet a whole host of fellow Goddesses, fierce and Unapologetic! 

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When you register for the Warrior Goddess course you get: 

Eight deep dive course modules

Eight corresponding written exercises

Live and interactive support group

Purchase NOW FOR


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WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png

“Goddess” is an uncomfortable word for many. 

“Goddess” feels forbidden and daring. 

“Goddess” feels sacreligious. 

“Goddess” is not compatible with many belief systems. 




Because the Divine Feminine has been shut down and banned for so long. 

We have never recovered from the witch trials, patriarchy, and sexism, that have droned on. 

The Feminine was only allowed to shine so bright, before being labeled “witchcraft”. 

The Feminine has been required to be submissive and subdued. 

The days of Feminine deities have long passed and we’ve nearly forgotten. 




The Divine Feminine is NOT gone from WITHIN US. 

No amount of generational suppression will allow our SOULS to forget who we are. 


The time has come to heal the wounded feminine. The constant giving away of ourselves. The people pleasing. The passivity. The self betrayal. The minimizing. The compromise. The silence. The submission. The fear. 


The time has come to step into our Feminine power again, without shame. 



If the word GODDESS is a little uncomfortable, feels a little forbidden, seems a little unspeakable, it might be because it hits a truth you know deep down in your bones. Are you ready to unapologetically step into your GODDESS? You are already divine. You are already a powerful badass. I am here on this planet to remind you of the divine you already ARE, no matter how deeply you have forgotten.

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