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 resurrect your unapologetic goddess

It's time to understand
why she was buried in the first place

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IMAGINE understanding the context of your inner conflict. 

Imagine understanding WHY you have an unrealistic sense of fear and dread when you use your voice, set boundaries, or act assertively. 

Imagine peering into your forgotten lineage of women before you, who fought, bled, and died, fighting for even the most ridiculously basic of human rights. 

Imagine glimpsing the POWER of the Goddesses of old and the times they were held in awe and reverence. 

Imagine beholding the Goddess power within YOURSELF and beginning to grasp the divine ancestry, alive and tingling, deep within your bones. 

Imagine fully embracing who you are  - ALL OF YOU - without judgment, but instead with Unapologetic reverence.

Imagine UNRAVELING the unsettling mysteries, buried deep within - the ones you've always known were there but could never quite put into words - YOUR HISTORY AS A WOMAN. 

Imagine discovering how deeply, viciously, and relentlessly feminine powers have been suppressed, buried, and burned. 

Imagine fully understanding just how feared the feminine powers have been and why they threaten the hierarchy structure, more than anything else in existence. 

What would it feel like, to feel FREE in your UNAPOLOGETIC FEMININE POWER? 

Wouldn't it be SUCH A FUCKING RELIEF to know your life's purpose was never to be as accommodating and sweet as possible? To know it is your BIRTHRIGHT to be MAGICAL, POWERFUL, AND FEMININE? To know you were never wrong about the unshakable feeling there was so much more of YOU buried carefully beneath the permissible surface. To understand how you ever came to accept the nonsense idea that you were small in the first place? 

What if you could unapologetically unleash that inner, buried, quiet power, ever so carefully tucked away?


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At the Warrior Goddess Retreat,
YOU WILL LEARN how to:  

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1. identify and deconstruct ancient and current patterns of suppression, sabotaging your personal authority. 

2. clearly distinguish hierarchy relationship paradigms (suppressing women) and collaborative ones. 


3. Understand the depths of your feminine power and why it has felt so forbidden for so long. 


4. Become GUILT FREE about being a fierce fucking goddess.


5. Invite in relationships that celebrate  and crave your fierce fire - not just your softness. 

6. Become unapologetic of your magic, your power, your divinity, and your authority. 

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A transformative injection of powerful knowledge and tools

delivered in a four day luxury retreat, so you can resurrect your fierce Warrior Goddess, without apology.

What's Included:

four nights at a luxury beach house:


Ten women will share a luxury home in the mountains of Coeur d'Alene Idaho. The sacred mountain ridges will be blanketed with Autumn's brilliant colors and brisk air. Timed in unison with the Autumn equinox, this will be the perfect time of year to celebrate the magic of the Feminine. 

The deep emotional work required in this retreat begs for large spaces of time to process. I have built the schedule for this retreat intentionally honoring the time needed to integrate the depth of information we will be covering. 

In between our coaching and discussion groups, we will have time for naps. Walks. Massages. Journaling. Reflection. Fires with hot chocolate. Dress up. Card reading. Nature. PLAY. 


There will be candles, and flowers, and outrageous pampering. 

There will be laughter, and kindness, and tears, and hugs. 

There will be fire conversations on chilly nights with hot chocolate. 

There will be sisterhood, and depth, and Divine Feminine comfort. 

There will be mountain walks and peaceful silence. 


There will be movies, and popcorn. 

There will be massages, and stretches, and naps, and reflection. 

There will be nourishing, thoughtful, delicious meals. 

There will be collective deep dive discussions around lost and forgotten feminine power and magic, buried truth, female shame, ancestral trauma, and the suppression of hierarchy. 

There will be guidance into terrifying territory, you’ve been taught to avoid for many lifetimes. 

There will be safety to be honest with yourself and fellow Goddesses. 

There will be grief as you fully grasp the suppression you have experienced. 

There will be a palpable force of freedom as you unapologetically embrace all of your femininity, power, and magic. 


For four magical days, you will be immersed in the WARRIOR GODDESS signature curriculum. WARRIOR GODDESS has transformed many women apologetic of their Divine power, yet unsure about WHY. The WARRIOR GODDESS retreat is limited to ten participants, in order to foster the highest level of intimacy, accountability, and individual coaching time. 

Four days. Forbidden knowledge. Life changing discoveries. Magical connections. 

At this retreat, you will identify ancient programming that has held a hypnotizing power over your life. A programming that has held your personal power, as a woman, hostage. As we unravel that programming, you will begin to make sense of what is your birthright. You will be confronted by your own power - and the power of all magical women. You will begin the process of reclaiming the powerful unapologetic Goddess you are. 

This retreat will challenge you to take action. It will challenge you to face unpleasant patterns. It will hold you accountable to be true to your Divine self. 

Transformative coaching: 

nourishing meals:

Our private chef, Carter, will be providing fresh meals, to fuel our hungry minds and bodies. 

Three meals will be provided each day, with healthy snacks, treats, and drinks available all day. 

*This is an alcohol free event. It is our priority to provide a clear minded space to do the transformational work intended. 

Every retreat participant will receive WARRIOR GODDESS merch and apparel upon arrival!


empire membership:

WARRIOR GODDESS Retreat participants receive a free three month membership in the Unapologetic Empire! This membership is regularly $77 a month and is a great collaborative addition to the WARRIOR GODDESS retreat. You are sure to meet a whole host of fellow Goddesses, fierce and Unapologetic! 

WARRIOR GODDESS Course Background Cover Website Cover.png

When you register for the
Warrior Goddess retreat you get: 

Four days at a luxury mountain cabin

Transformative coaching sessions

Nourishing meals, three meals a day


3 FREE months in the Unapologetic Empire

TODAY ONLY: Bonus 60 minute private sessions with Jillian and Marie

REgister for just...

Paid in Full
6 payments of


get two bonuses!
Bonus #1: 3 months in the unapologetic empire
bonus #2:
60 minute coaching sessions with Jillian and Marie

Register now!

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WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png
WARRIOR GODDESS Lotus Flower_edited.png

“Goddess” is an uncomfortable word for many. 

“Goddess” feels forbidden and daring. 

“Goddess” feels sacreligious. 

“Goddess” is not compatible with many belief systems. 




Because the Divine Feminine has been shut down and banned for so long. 

We have never recovered from the witch trials, patriarchy, and sexism, that have droned on. 

The Feminine was only allowed to shine so bright, before being labeled “witchcraft”. 

The Feminine has been required to be submissive and subdued. 

The days of Feminine deities have long passed and we’ve nearly forgotten. 




The Divine Feminine is NOT gone from WITHIN US. 

No amount of generational suppression will allow our SOULS to forget who we are. 


The time has come to heal the wounded feminine. The constant giving away of ourselves. The people pleasing. The passivity. The self betrayal. The minimizing. The compromise. The silence. The submission. The fear. 


The time has come to step into our Feminine power again, without shame. 



If the word GODDESS is a little uncomfortable, feels a little forbidden, seems a little unspeakable, it might be because it hits a truth you know deep down in your bones. Are you ready to unapologetically step into your GODDESS? You are already divine. You are already a powerful badass. I am here on this planet to remind you of the divine you already ARE, no matter how deeply you have forgotten.

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