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They Cannot Break You

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

As I have taken an unapologetic stand As I have spoken my truth As I have told the secrets I have been forbidden to speak… I have been: ➡️ Threatened with lawsuits ➡️ Shamed for using my voice ➡️ Intimidated and told I would lose everything ➡️ Warned I would be broken down financially ➡️ Cautioned I would have drugs planted on me in order to put me away ➡️ Told not to be so strong, because it’s not attractive ➡️ Warned I should not stand so tall in the presence of powerful men As I dug deep and unearthed the power in me to tell my story unapologetically, I was told I was pathetic and would always struggle. But that is not the case. 💥When I break my chains 💥When I break the rules 💪You have a little more power to break your chains. There is a cost in breaking the rules. There is massive risk. You might lose a great deal. It’s not safe. 👁 But when you stare fear in the face 👊 When you refuse to back down 🦶 When you stand, unapologetically in your truth 🖕 When you say FUCK YOU to all the secrets 💖 You are FREE and you are 100% SEEN. Stop hiding. They can take everything, but they cannot take your heart. They cannot break you. Live BRAVE. Live HONESTLY. Live UNAPOLOGETICALLY. If any of this resonates with your soul If you are being held hostage to secrets If you are suppressed and long to speak If you are being compelled to burn some toxic bridges

Hold my hand... and jump. We need you. <3

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