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Let's Talk About Trust

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

“I don’t know how to learn to trust again.”

I hear this OVER and OVER.

Then I hear some version of desperately trying to figure out how to FORCE one’s self to offer some else their trust. How to override whatever natural doubts and insecurities are surfacing. How to “outsmart” the discernment that keeps telling them to beware.

I see women FAR more willing to make their own discernment and intuition WRONG than they are willing to admit that MAYBE they are RIGHT and that they should INDEED withhold their trust.

We often forget that the burden of REBUILDING TRUST is on the one who BROKE the trust in the first place. There is NOTHING you can do to rebuild that trust FOR them.

Trust is not an entitlement. It is something EARNED.

You should not trust ANYONE until they have proven themself to be trustworthy. (Hint: you CAN’T outsmart your intuition and you will feel frustrated by your “lack” of “ability” to trust as long as you are fighting your intuition.)

Your trust is not something you OWE anyone. Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for withholding your trust, is not interested in doing the work to earn it.

Trust is not something anyone can demand. It can only be earned by consistency and evidence of safety and goodwill. There is no shortcut. There is no exemption.

Regardless of anyone’s attempt to discredit your intuition, Goddess, you will only ever regret pushing it away.

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