Love Cannot Justify Abuse

Updated: Jan 9

“Why on earth would you stay in such a toxic relationship?” “I just don’t understand why someone would allow another person to speak to them that way.” “It couldn’t have been that bad. She seemed so happy.” “I would never allow someone to treat me like that.” “He’s such a nice person. He would never be cruel like that.” 💔 How does abuse happen? Why is it allowed to continue? Here’s the deal - we often justify the shadow side with someone’s light side. 🌧✨ There’s no such thing as a purely evil person. People are complex. Some of the scariest people that existed in history were known as friendly, kind, and intelligent. And on the flip side, some of the people most known for their generosity, empathy, and impact, have been found out to have some deep, dark, ugly secrets. We are a blend of light and shadow. 💖All of us. 💖 When we fall deeply in love with someone’s light side, it can be easy to use that love to excuse some completely unacceptable behavior. In intimate relationships, we get to see both the light and shadow sides of our partner. Often, there is an unspoken rule to keep all the s