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Commitment Means Doing Whatever It Takes

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Often what I feel most inspired to do, scares the living shit out of me. And it is SO EASY to logic my way out of following my inspiration.

It’s not the right time yet. When I have the right amount of savings in place, then I can do it. When my debt is paid off, then I can do it. When my credit is better, then I can do it. When I’m retired, then I can do it. When I've lost the weight, then I can do it. When my children are grown up, then I can do it. When my spouse is less chaotic, then I can do it. When my life is less crazy, then I can do it. When my family needs less from me, then I can do it. It’s just not a good time… YET. It’s too expensive. It requires too much time. It takes too much effort.

The excuses are ENDLESS.

And all the little compromises seem so innocent. I’m not saying “no”. I’m just saying not right NOW. It’s so REASONABLE. Right??

When we are ready for transformation, when we are ready to get serious about following our inspiration, when we crave EXPANSION so bad we can FEEL IT,



We take the risks. We become willing to disappoint others. We become willing to face major fears and do it anyway. We become willing to challenge the “supposed to’s”. We become willing to break all the rules we have created.

No cost is too great to achieve the next expansion.

The strongest pings you feel from your intuition often come hand in hand with the biggest fears. If it makes you want to throw up, chances are you’re on the right track.

Are you ready? Do you have a vision and an inspiration calling you to take the next step?

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