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Act Now.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

How many of you are waiting?

Waiting for X amount of money in the bank.

Waiting for X behavior to change.

Waiting to get that perfect job.

Waiting to get that degree.

Waiting to meet that perfect person.

Waiting for X to just understand.

Waiting. We think it's that "thing" in the way. We think AS SOON AS that thing changes, we will be free. We think, THEN we can have what we really desire.

These are LIES keeping you STUCK.

The waiting will never ever end. There will always always be SOMETHING in the way. Something in the way of feeling safe. Feeling ready. Feeling 100% prepared.

Break all the rules that say you have to wait. Get scrappy. Get clear about what you get to do to act now to follow your intuition and heart. Your intuition is your connection to the Divine. It wants what it wants for a reason.

Stop waiting for things to feel comfortable, reasonable, and ready in order to follow the alignment your heart wants.

It's time to act NOW.

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