I Chose Me

Updated: Jan 8

“Stop posing like that. It’s not attractive for a woman.”

“Don’t put on any more muscle. Women don’t look good with too much muscle.”

“Don’t do squats. You don’t want your legs to get too big.”

“Don’t lose too much weight. I don’t want you to lose your butt.”

“You shouldn’t be eating so many carbs. You can’t eat carbs like that and lose body fat.”

“How long are you going to work with a trainer? Don’t you think that’s a little excessive?”

“You’re too rigid. Who needs to get up at 5am?”

"You'd hate competitions. They're just a meat market."

The struggle has been REAL folks. There were voices coming from within my home. There were voices in my head. There were doubts. There was fear. There was explicit resistance.