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You Don't Need More Information

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

“I don’t need help. I already know what I need to do. I just need to do it.”

So often, it is our own criticism and judgment of ourselves that keeps us stuck.

“I should know better.”

“I already know what I should do, I just need more discipline.”

“I keep walking into the same traps.”

“I’m just stupid and dense.”

These are saboteurs, blocking us from getting the help we need that could free us.

Even though we have ALL the information…

Thousands of people die from preventable diseases.

Smoking is still a thing.

Fast food joints are still full.

Addiction defies ALL the logic, despite the worst of consequences.

Family members still enable their addicted loved ones to death.

Violence is still out of control.

Sugar and sodas are still all the rage.

People still struggle to get adequate exercise.

The rate of divorce and malicious breakups continue without relief.

The average time a woman goes back to an abusive partner is 7 times.

THIS is not due to a lack of information. You DO already know what to do.

Getting the help you need is not about getting more information.

You see, we are MASTERS at lying to ourselves. Justifying self abuse. Rationalizing our way to our own misery and death, one day at a time. We all have blind spots.

Deep down, we know it.

We keep secrets.

We isolate.

We hide our shadowy patterns.

Seeking help is about being willing to be HONEST. It’s about being willing to get CALLED ON YOUR SHIT. It’s about taking a big breath and being brave enough to pull your deepest shadows into the light.

I see women BREAK THEIR PATTERNS of self betrayal. I see women OVERCOME their compulsions to return to abusive relationships. I see women step into a FEARLESSNESS and a FIERCENESS they’ve never known before. They’re not scared of repeating old patterns. They’re not scared of themselves.


Are you ready to break the patterns?

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