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Celebrating the Masculine

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I have been misunderstood by many as a “man hater”. This couldn’t be further from the truth today. I love and appreciate men and the masculine more than I ever have before in my life. It is BECAUSE I found and activated my inner WARRIOR - my masculine - that I am as free and powerful as I am today. It is because I honored the masculine within MYSELF, that I was able to free up the resentment I held toward men who have wounded me in the past. Because of the work I do, I am hearing a lot of women confused about how to honor today. Father’s Day can bring up so many feelings of deep betrayal.

“My father left me when I was very young.” “My baby daddy didn’t stick around.” “Men have done nothing but abuse me.” “I’ve been abandoned and mistreated by so many men.” “I’m disgusted and hurt by so many broken promises.” The masculine represents the role of the WARRIOR. The protector. The responsible provider. And yet, so many men have not embodied this role. And Love, I GET IT. I mean, ME TOO.

My relationship with my dad was destroyed by drugs and alcohol. He left when I was 6. He hurt my mom. I’ve had two step dads. I was raised by a man who thought I was inferior because I was a woman. I was deeply suppressed as a female. I was betrayed by the masculine roles in my life who saw me as an object to own and a subordinate to rule over. My gifts were seen as “cute” and “supportive”, not powerful, significant, or intelligent contributions. I have my history of traumas as my Warrior and I have cleared my path through the wreckage. BUT It is BECAUSE of the MASCULINE I was able to free myself and find my way back to my power. What I CELEBRATE today is the MASCULINE WARRIOR and all he stands for. Confidence. Self Worth. Boundaries. FIRE. Power. Strength. Courage. Boldness. Resilience. Scrappiness. Stability. Reliability. I have had many positive representations of the masculine in my life. Not all of them have been men. The most powerful and significant masculine I have ever found has been my inner Warrior. With my inner Warrior, I no longer have to rely on an outside source to rescue or protect me and am therefore not helpless when I am confronted by someone who does not honor me. I know my inner Warrior always has my back. Celebrating all that is masculine today. Masculine is MAGICAL and DIVINE. If you have no earthly man to celebrate, I encourage you to celebrate the Warrior within YOURSELF today.

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