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Feminism Honors Men

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

"Doesn’t feminism hurt men?” I have seen a rise in the misunderstanding of feminism as female dominance and of the perception feminism is “bad” for men. BOTH ARE WILDLY UNTRUE. Feminism is the declaration men and women are VALUED the same. That they have the EQUAL RIGHTS to decision making, personal choice, and autonomy. That they have the same inherent right to opportunities as any other human.

Feminism confronts the idea women are property. That they are inferior. That they must be ruled, and controlled, and guided. That they are incapable of making valid and reasonable choices. That their intelligence and gifts are second-rate. The constant misunderstandings about feminism are: “Why do women keep trying to prove they are as strong as men? It’s obvious their bodies are weaker.” “I could easily overpower my wife in a physical altercation. It’s obvious men are more powerful.” “Women are just whining because they want to be more powerful than men and they want to control them.” “Feminism is just a pissing contest of the sexes about who is better than the other.” “Women just need to stop trying to dominate men.” “Feminism is trying to destroy the femininity of women.”

These myths and misconceptions are DAMAGING to the mission of feminism - the call to end the abuse and suppression of women. Feminism is not about dominating men - it is about abolishing the idea any human should be dominated. Feminism is not about being less feminine - it is about commanding honor and acknowledgement of the feminine. Feminism is not about being as physically strong as men - it is about requiring equal recognition and value of all unique human skills and gifts. Feminism is not about being better than men - it is about refusing to treat any human as inferior. Feminism is not about controlling men - it is about honoring EVERYONE’s equal right to freedom of choice. The thing is, when women are recognized for their equal value, men benefit. When women are not dominated and suppressed, men benefit. When women are free to make their own choices and own their personal autonomy, men benefit. When women are acknowledged for the bright, free, glorious light of their femininity, men benefit.

Women love deeper and fuller and freely, when they are unlimited. Women radiate inspiration and creativity, when they are uncontained. Women contribute wildly innovative and resourceful ideas, when they are empowered. Women create a beautiful empathetic and gentle space of connection, when they are valued and safe. Women have an intensely powerful voice, when they are free to express. Who doesn’t benefit from this? What human isn’t this good for?

It’s time we do away with the idea that feminism is opposed to men. It’s time we do away with the idea feminism is seeking to topple the patriarchy simply to replace it with female dominance. Goddess, it’s time to unapologetically own your power. The more you shine, the more you bless everyone. The less you limit yourself, the more you free everyone.

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