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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I hear a lot about self care, and lord to we ever need it now. Usually, this includes bubble baths, massages, pampering, naps, rest, art, creativity, etc. These are WONDERFUL things. And, they are all FEMININE self care activities.

Recently during a session of my Unapologetic course, one of the members asked what she could do to support her confidence and “feed her inner fire”. I knew what she was asking. She was saying “Traditional feminine self care isn’t what I need right now. I don’t need relaxation and pampering. I need FIRE. I need my WARRIOR.”

Each of us then accumulated a list of self care activities that FED OUR FIRE. They were things like:

- Running

- Lifting heavy weights

- Listening to sassy music

- Listening to books or podcasts about empowerment

- Taking on positions of power/influence

- Powerful dance moves

- Defining our rights and boundaries

- Accomplishing a strenuous task

- Organizing things

- Goal setting

- Hiring a coach or mentor for accountability

It is so important to acknowledge the divine feminine and masculine within ourselves, equally. Many of us have fallen into self betrayal patterns because we have diminished and ignored our inner Warrior - the side of us that provides for us and protects us. Many women are told we are too masculine, so we are careful to only do the feminine things. The truth is, when we feed our feminine and our fire equally, we give our divine feminine - our GODDESS - the space to thrive and shine.


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