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The 3%. The bad asses. The Goddesses.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I work with the 3%.

The 3% who choose to show up, while most of the world has checked out.

The 3% who are hungry to expand, no matter what it will cost them.

The 3% who are willing to do whatever it takes to follow their intuition.

The 3% who see opportunities, where everyone else is blinded by fear.

The 3% who have the grit to invest in themselves during a financial crisis.

The 3% who are FED UP with settling, tolerating, and shrinking for everyone else.

The 3% who TRUST the Divine to give wings to those who unapologetically jump.

The 3% who will let ANYTHING and EVERYTHING go that stands in the way of honoring their heart’s call.

The 3%. The bad asses. The Goddesses.

Many are not ready to commit 100%.

Many are not ready to face heart wrenching truths.

Many are not ready to let go of broken things.

Many are not ready to ruthlessly throw out the barriers standing in the way of true self-love and desires and their life calling.

Many are not ready to trust themselves and their Divine intuition.

And I honor that. That was me for MANY YEARS.

For SO long, I rode on the sidelines. I LISTENED. I silently observed. I read books. I followed blogs. I went to recovery meetings. But I didn’t DO the actions necessary to free myself.

And, it was exactly what I needed.


It just wasn’t satisfying anymore.

I stayed stuck and miserable until I just COULDN’T anymore. And then, I became one of the 3%. The 3% ready to go all in. The 3% who don’t give a FUCK what is in the way. The 3% who do WHATEVER IT TAKES. I activated the LOVER in me. I activated the WARRIOR in me. And then, MAGIC happened.

Watch out world when the Warrior Goddess is AWAKE and IN CHARGE.

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