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Women, It's Time To Take Accountability

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Women, listen up.

You want men to level up?

You tired of disrespect?

You tired of degrading comments?

You tired of not being taken seriously?

You tired of not being made a priority?

You tired of being taken advantage of?

You tired of being taken for granted?

You tired of being treated like an object or a possession?

You tired of entitlement of your time, attention, and body?

You tired of being told your abuse and mistreatment is your fault?

You tired of being told you are too much, too inconvenient, too strong, and too opinionated?

Then this is what you get to hear.

We have made wishes, where we should have made demands.

We have silently hoped, where we should have used our voices.

We have postured and posed with big words, where we have allowed and tolerated with our actions.

It’s time to grow the fuck up.

Talk is cheap and your partner knows it.

That means, I say I don’t want disrespect = I’m not available for a relationship with repeated disrespect.

That means, I say I’m worth more than degradation = I’m not available for any person who degrades me.

That means, I say I will be a priority = I’m fucking gone when I take the back burner to work, substance, friends, etc.

That means, I say I won’t be taken advantage of = I kick leeches and free loaders to the curb.

That means, I say I don’t want to be a possession = I am not available for anyone who does not recognize my decision-making and equal partnership.

That means, I say I don’t want to be blamed = I hold people accountable for their actions EVERY TIME.

That means, I say I want to be accepted for everything I am = I leave anyone and everyone in the dust who doesn’t see me, acknowledge me, and cherish me for ALL of me.


Actions have power.

Stop talking about it. Stop making empty threats, demands, and standards. DO IT.

Women, this is how we level up. This is how we hold EVERYONE to a higher standard of HONOR. This is how we break a millennia of oppression, abuse, and dishonor of the feminine.

Stop allowing the very things that make you sick. When you honor you, we all benefit - including men.

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