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Break the Rules

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Be humble Be loyal/faithful Be compliant Be easy to get along with Be reliable Be a hard worker Be selfless Be generous Be kind Be responsible Be cautious Be happy Be strong Be modest Be spiritual Be healthy Be smart Be fit

Anyone else driven by this obsession with PERFECTION?

Although there is a time and a place for everyone of these attributes, there are plenty of times when it is appropriate to be confident instead of humble, loyal to yourself instead of loyal to someone else, restful and reflective instead of hard working, risky instead of cautious, and vulnerable instead of strong. These things, in fact, take so much courage because they require letting go of other people’s opinions and OUR OWN judgments.

When we give ourselves PERMISSION to be authentic and honest about what we WANT, magic happens. We begin to flow with what IS instead of forcing what we think is SUPPOSED to be.

Your soul is calling you to specific actions for a reason. Sometimes, your intuition calls you to go in directions that don’t make sense and don’t match up to your grid of “supposed to’s”.

Instead of judging yourself by a long list of rules you’ve been taught you must be and do, can you just trust your what your heart is so badly trying to tell you? What if you want what you want for a reason?

What if your soul longs for you to stop forcing yourself to go to the gym everyday and longs to walk with your friend? What if your soul longs to stop forcing yourself to work your safe 9-5 and wants you to take up freelance writing? What if your soul longs for your to stop forcing yourself to take on the heaviness of your loved one’s needs and wants you to invest in yourself? What if your soul longs for you to stop forcing yourself to be in that relationship you committed to and wants to invite healthier people into your life? What if your soul longs for you to stop forcing yourself to invest your time to finish school and wants you to start a family?


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