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Let go. You are ready to trust. Jump.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

What I have gained from breaking the rules and being Unapologetically true to myself: - I live in an incredibly peaceful home. - I am surrounded by only people who love and honor me. - I make choices based on my intuition and values, instead of seeking permission from others or societal norms. - I regularly take risks, because I trust myself and the Divine. - My space is filled with beauty, order, and passion. - My work and my passion are the same thing. My weekdays are just as fun as my weekends. - I delegate instead of feeling guilty for not doing it all. - I take really good care of me and I don’t feel sorry for it. - I live and love wholeheartedly, even when I might end up getting hurt. This is what you receive when you are willing to stop compromising your intuition, face all your fears, and break all the rules you have rigidly held in your mind. Let go. Let go of all the stuff, the people, the jobs, the relationships, the situations that pressure you to stay small. Let go of all the things you twist yourself in a pretzel for. Let go of all the junk that makes your spirit wince. You are ready to trust. You are ready to risk. You are ready to listen to the wise and loving voice of your inner self. Your soul. Your intuition. It deserves to be followed with abandon. Jump.

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