Updated: Dec 21, 2021

“Am I overreacting?” “Am I being too sensitive?” “Am I just crazy?” “Maybe I am just paranoid.” “I just know there is something wrong with me.” Nope. NO, Love. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. A HUGE belief that keeps us trapped in dishonoring relationships is this idea we are CRAZY. Why do we believe this? Most of us heard it over and over as we grew up… “Girls are EMOTIONAL.” “Girls are DRAMATIC.” “Girls are FRAGILE.” “Girls are HORMONAL.” “Girls are CATTY.” “Girls are SENSITIVE.” “Girls are CRAZY.” If we internalize these messages (totally normal), we begin to question our ability to TRUST OURSELVES. And, guess what? If we can’t TRUST OURSELVES, we can’t PROTECT OURSELVES. We may see dishonest behavior but question our own intuition instead. We may see abusive behavior but question our own judgment instead. We may see disrespect but question our own “sensitivity”. We may see hostility but question our own “overreacting”. T