It's Time To Master HAVING Your Dreams

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sometimes, life seems far too easy and I experience the old guilt programming. The programming that says I have to WAIT until everyone else is happy to BE happy.

That old voice can get me into trouble.

See, I used to constantly tell myself - “Later. There will be time for your desires LATER. You can speak about your needs LATER. It’s just not a good time. It would be inconvenient for everyone else. Your loved ones are struggling right now, so their needs are more important than yours.”

Then, I realized I would literally be waiting my entire life for everyone else to be “ok”. And, I realized I wasn’t doing ANYONE any good by waiting to pursue my desires. So, I did.

And, here I am.

Living my dream job.

Massively impacting lives.

Building what I once thought was “unrealistic”.

My life is PEACEFUL.

My relationships are LOVING and AUTHENTIC.

I literally don’t do anything I don’t want to do.

I listen to the birds sing.

I surround myself with flowers and green and sunshine.

I have the luxury of living my gift - writing - any time I want.

I have a partner who loves being in my world.

I am spoiled with delicious and healthy food.

My home is NOURISHING, colorful, and clean.

My fur babies fill my heart with unending love.

And yet

I WRESTLE with myself.

Instead of enjoying the bliss I have created, I FIND things to stress about.

Instead of feeling free to enjoy my day, I hold myself to BACKBREAKING standards.

Instead of relishing in the peace, I WORRY about losing it.