What if you FLY?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

You know you’ve been miserable.

You know you are stuck in the same cycle of toxicity.

You know you’re settling for less than you deserve.

You know you feel numb.

You know you feel just ok on a good day and totally hopeless on a bad day.

You show up to work and just go through the motions.

You feel resentment for accepting less pay than your time is worth.

You feel betrayed for accepting less respect from your partner than you deserve.

You feel the weight of shame for pretending life is great when home life is awful.

You’re day to day life is lonely. Routine survival. Void of passion or thriving.

You’ve mastered the fake smile.

You know you’re WORTH more than all of this.

You know you WANT more than this.

So what keeps you stuck?

What keeps you compromising?


Girl, I had a STRONG voice of caution.

“You can't quit your job. What if you can’t find a better one? And, what about your BENEFITS?”

“You can’t ask to be paid more. What if you can’t find anyone to pay you more?”

“You can’t call your partner out on his disrespect. What if you lose him?”

“You can’t leave your partner. What if you can’t take care of yourself?”

“This is the best you’ve got. You should just be thankful.”

“This isn’t so bad. You can make this work.”

And I STAYED STUCK listening to my voice of caution for YEARS AND YEARS.

Until, one day, the VOICE OF COURAGE said FUCK THAT.