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Activate Your WARRIOR

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

When I stand up for myself, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I say “no” to something that does not honor me, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I protect my space, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I am unavailable for unacceptable behavior, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I believe I can do something hard, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I crush a goal and feel my power, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I get scrappy and resilient and resourceful, I am exercising masculine energy.

When I take responsibility for providing for myself, I am exercising masculine energy.

The voice that says

“You’re not done yet.”

“Pick yourself up.”

“You got this.”

“Own your worth.”

“Don’t settle.”

“Honor your standards.”

That’s my WARRIOR.

Many women are told their problem is being “too masculine”.

That “women these days have lost their femininity”.

I am here to challenge that thought.

Activating our masculine warrior has NOTHING to do with losing femininity. On the contrary, the MORE I have unapologetically allowed my warrior to protect me (through boundary setting, having my own back, and having standards to protect my space) and to provide for me (through having the confidence, self-belief, and deservability to create resources), the MORE ability my feminine Goddess has the space to shine.

When the Goddess is protected well and abundantly provided for, she THRIVES. The feminine is able to prioritize connection, and flow, and beauty, and creativity, the way she LOVES to. Without the Warrior providing and protecting her, there is nothing shielding her from being consumed, taken advantage of, and used as a doormat. Her shine quickly dulls and she becomes a pitiful victim, instead of the bright Goddess she was meant to be.

The time has come women are not relying on men to be their Warrior and are instead activating their OWN internal Warrior. They are loving and protecting themselves the way they always wished their men would. For men who are not ready for this shift, they are confused by it and feel left out - even threatened. I hope to reassure these men, and women, because awakening our internal Warriors - having a very alive and well masculine energy - will only serve to make us MORE feminine. MORE irresistible. MORE sensual. MORE present. MORE radiant.

Yes, Goddess, you will AWAKEN your femininity in a way you have NEVER FELT BEFORE when you unapologetically activate your Warrior.

The difference between being a Victim or a Goddess is the difference between NEEDING partnership and WANTING partnership. The Victim NEEDS a partner to care for her. The Goddess DESIRES a partner because her inner Warrior is already lavishly taking care of her.

So, Goddess, is it time you dropped the shame around being assertive, driven, productive, confident, and demanding what you’re worth?

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