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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I buy myself flowers. Yes, I have a very loving, caring, and generous boyfriend, and I STILL buy myself flowers. ?? “Don’t buy yourself flowers! That’s his job!” No, Love. That’s the problem. For too long, we have bought into the belief it is our partner’s job to love us IN PLACE OF lavishly loving on OURSELVES. Don’t get me wrong, I am showered with affection, gifts, surprises, encouragement, and reassurance of partnership. But, this is just icing on the cake. I love me FIRST. I take responsibility for my needs. I am accountable to me to provide for my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I honor my desires, my dreams, my passions, my pleasures. I do not dishonor myself or others by placing my needs at their mercy. And, my partner takes responsibility for HIS needs. Living from this space of personal responsibility, it is amazing the magic that happens… There is no expectation of flowers - but they appear. There is no expectation of gifts - but they appear. There is no expectation of surprise chores done - but they happen. There is no expectation of random expenses covered - but they happen. They happen out of an overflow of love, not out of obligation. Remember, your capacity to love others is limited to your capacity to love yourself. Your PARTNER’S capacity to love YOU is limited to his capacity to love HIMSELF. When you observe your behavior, are you choosing to place your needs at someone else’s mercy? Or are you taking responsibility for your own growth, happiness, and thriving?

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