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I see you

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I want to call you out girl.

Yes, YOU.

You, who reads all the shit I write and thinks I am reading your mind. You, who can help but be captivated by each quote and meme. You, who secretly follows me and argues with my words in your mind. You, who keeps writing me messages and then erasing them. You, who desperately wants to reach out for help, but is TERRIFIED of what I will say.


You already know your marriage is fucked up. You already know you are tolerating gross disrespect. You already know you’ve hung on for FAR TOO MANY years.

I KNOW what I am asking of you. Working with me means all the things you are terrified of. It means FACING it all. It means GETTING HONEST. It means TAKING ACTION.

I KNOW what I am asking of you.

Yes, Love, I am asking you to take the step toward freedom, which likely means unapologetically blowing up huge chunks of your life.

This will be the most liberating journey you have ever taken AND it will be the most FIERCE, INTENSE, and EXPENSIVE thing you have ever done.

It is not a journey to take alone.

I KNOW what I am asking of you. Because I have done it myself.

I’m asking you to BLOW UP all of the pieces of your life that do not honor you or anyone else. AND I’m asking you to give me permission to walk that journey with you. AND I am asking you to make a serious INVESTMENT in yourself.

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