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I’m Jillian Motherfuckin Aurora

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I believe in FREEDOM. I believe in AUTHENTICITY. I believe in HONESTY. I believe in TRANSPARENCY. I believe in INHERENT WORTH. I believe in ENTITLEMENT TO ONESELF. I believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CHOICE. I believe in THE RIGHT TO MEET MY NEEDS, SPEAK MY TRUTH, AND HONOR MYSELF. I believe INTUITION IS BOSS. Anything and everything not in alignment with these values can FUCK OFF. I have learned to unapologetically protect my space. I don’t have to be available for every person, or opportunity, or experience that passes my way. My LOVE is unconditional AND the honor of my PRESENCE is an EARNED PRIVILEGE.

The reason these values are SO PRECIOUS to me is because my purpose on this planet is being a massive catalyst of SELF LOVE. I am here to empower you to stop any pattern of self-betrayal and step into self-loyalty UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Because what HONORS YOU, HONORS EVERYONE. I’m here to break all the chains telling you you have to ⛓Tiptoe around everyone else’s feelings. ⛓Water yourself down in order to avoid offending anyone. ⛓Limit yourself in order to avoid intimidating anyone. ⛓Tolerate unacceptable behavior in order to avoid appearing “selfish”. I’m Jillian Aurora - Goddess of the Dawn. Bringing in the dawn of an era of Freedom and Honor and Authenticity.

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