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The Truth Only Hurts When It Needs To

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Sometimes, getting honest with ourselves feels bad. Unfortunately, I’ve observed a lot of people who are quick to shut down confronting information, because it “isn’t positive”. We have become so sensitive to hearing uncomfortable information, we often label it unloving or think we are being “too hard on ourselves”.

And, I do agree there are plenty of times we beat ourselves up. We spend lots of unnecessary time judging and criticizing ourselves.

BUT, there is a difference between self abuse and avoidance of responsibility.

If we are honest, there are times we just CANNOT tolerate the TRUTH.

Inconvenient, uncomfortable truths are a LIGHT. They are our keys to FREEDOM. They guide us to our next step of growth.

When I coach, I say a LOT of uncomfortable things. I point out inconsistencies. I illuminate where someone SAYS they believe in something and DO something else. I help people get honest with themselves about areas they SAY they love and respect themselves, yet their BEHAVIOR says something else. I highlight the incongruence between what people tell me they WANT versus what they are SETTLING FOR.

NONE of this is comfortable.

It’s so EASY to dismiss and minimize and avoid truths, telling ourselves it’s just “negative” or “harsh”.

But the truth only hurts when it needs to.

We often do have the privilege and the choice to look away from inconvenient truths, however when we LEAN INTO the pain - when we are willing to LOOK at it - we UNLOCK new awareness. We open up new opportunities for connection. We heal old wounds and patterns and programming. We become capable of making informed choices, instead of living at the mercy of unconscious conditioning.

Where is truth calling you out? Do you avoid discomfort, when the truth confronts you?

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