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It’s time to RECLAIM yourself and REBUILD yourself.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

So, you did it. You packed up your things and you left. You faced all the fears. You faced all the voices of abuse and resistance. You defied the voice that told you you couldn’t. But now, you feel broken. You don’t know how to pick yourself up again. You still don’t really believe you can make it on your own. You’re reeling from so many wounds and deep relationship trauma. You’re proud of yourself for getting out, but really ashamed for letting it last so long. You don’t trust men and don’t know how to date. Most of all, you don’t trust yourself not to get into this mess again. You know you need to rebuild but don’t even know where to start. So. What NOW?

Goddess, you are at a crossroads. The wreckage behind you is no accident. It is your BLESSING. It has BUILT you. You are a phoenix, surrounded by ashes, who has not yet discovered your immense power. It’s time to RECLAIM yourself. It’s time to UNAPOLOGETICALLY OWN your power, instead of betraying it, yet again. In the past, you bought into the lies. You bought into the belief you couldn’t take care of yourself. You couldn’t create enough money. You didn’t have enough time. You weren’t capable of pursuing your passions and dreams, UNTIL xyz… You couldn’t have what you wanted UNTIL xyz happened. You were stuck waiting. Waiting for your partner. Waiting for money. Waiting for time. Waiting to get better. I promise you girl, there will ALWAYS be a reason to WAIT. You have a blank canvas right now. You can allow your life canvas to fill it with all the people and things that demand your time and claim they are entitled to your soul. Of course, just for now… ;-) OR…

You can RECLAIM THE RIGHT TO YOURSELF. You can UNAPOLOGETICALLY give YOURSELF your time. You can UNAPOLOGETICALLY give YOURSELF your effort. Your money. Your space. Your creativity. Your productivity. Your passion. Your DESIRE. You can REBUILD YOURSELF. You can build your BOUNDARIES and your ability to HAVE YOUR OWN BACK, so you don’t doubt yourself anymore. You can give the FINGER to all the rules, identities, and roles you have been conditioned to believe you HAVE to play. You can confidently move through relationships, without FEARING them and yourself.

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