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The Goddess Creed

Updated: May 21, 2021

I hereby commit to my inner Warrior Goddess.

I commit to honor myself, knowing this honors everyone.

I will practice loyalty to myself, my standards, and my values, even when they conflict with loyalty to others.

I will let go of all the things that require me to sacrifice parts of myself in order to have them.

I will cease attempting to force or manipulate others to honor, respect, or value me, and will face honest truths with courage.

I will address and heal my pattern of abandoning myself for others’ needs or approval.

I will honor my desires, knowing they are my sacred and divine compass.

I take responsibility for creating the life that sets me on fire, turns me on, and celebrates my immense inner power.

I reclaim ownership of my responsibility to provide for myself abundantly and fuel the life I am hungry to live.

I take responsibility for protecting my sacred presence through holding boundaries and standards to access me.

I commit to living my life Unapologetic of myself, my standards, my magic, and my happiness.

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