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What is a Goddess?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What is a Goddess? The forbidden and forgotten energy the word holds has long pushed the very thought of her out of our minds. She’s there, in whispers of ancient stories. Across all cultures, she is buried. Silent, but present. Forgotten, but present. Forbidden, but still present. The Goddess has been banished to mythology and replaced by the patriarchy. In today’s common experience, there is only room for the male God, male leadership, male approval.

Female empowerment is tolerated, but only so far.

Be powerful and strong, but make sure to check for approval for how much and what limits. Be spiritual, but only in submission to male spiritual leadership. Speak up, but don’t point out any male misbehavior. Take great care of yourself, but damn don’t be so selfish. Be successful, but don’t outshine your spouse - that’s emasculating. Become a leader, but take the time to stroke and soothe tender male egos. Shine bright, but still know your place. Invest in yourself, but not if it’s inconvenient to others. Be radiant and beautiful, but careful... you risk the reminder males will take what they want. The GODDESS today is not waiting for permission to BE. She is not waiting for permission to shine, or succeed, or speak up, or take back all of herself that has been consumed with thoughtless assumption. She is TIRED of being given a leash. Tired of being caged and governed by twisted and oppressive rules. Tired of her priceless presence being used and abused and taken for granted.

In her power, she is fierce and fearless. She is unapologetic. Everyone around her can feel her powerful, intense presence. Her fire and life is infectious. She IS life and when she is in her full Goddess identity, it is everyone’s delight and pleasure and privilege to simply be NEAR HER. She embodies her worth, without an apology or doubt. She is loving and kind and full of life giving light. She pours warmth on everyone around her like a sun. She bubbles over with laughter and magnetic, sweet, sensuality. She radiates love and wisdom, without even speaking a word, you are comforted and filled up. She is your effortless inspiration and your catalyst to exist at a depth and level you never knew was within you. SHE IS THE GODDESS.

She is within you and longing to be acknowledged again. Will you dare to unleash her, unapologetically?

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