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Speak the Truth

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Why are you poking the bear?

Couldn’t you just soften your message a little?

Maybe you could just reword a few things, so he doesn’t get so triggered.

Perhaps if you let a few years pass and let things calm down a little…

Just tone it down.

Just don’t make waves.

Just don’t make such a big deal.

Compromise often seems so reasonable.

Courage is so damn inconvenient.

- What if Rosa Parks had apologized and given her seat up?

- What if Emily Pankhurst stayed out of jail and just waited for “someday” to come when women had the right to vote?

- What if Monica Lewinsky decided it was too intimidating to tell the truth?

- What if Edward Snowden had never blown the whistle on government privacy issues?

- What if Erin Brockovich decided not to poke the big powerful gas and electric company?

- What if Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd were too scared to report Harvey Weinstein’s abuse?

What if thousands of abuse victims stay silent?

What if the false reputation of a perpetrator stays more important than the exposure of his true character?

One of the RULES I get to break today is SILENCE.

No intimidation,

No manipulation,

No belittling,

No threats,

No money,

No power

Will keep me quiet or small. Ever again. The truth gets to be told.

Suppression of the truth is done - collectively and personally.

Yes, it’s inconvenient.

Yes, it’s painful.

Yes, it’s hard to look at.

Today, I am unapologetically HONEST and INCONVENIENT.

Do you crave the power of honesty and UNAPOLOGY in your life?

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