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Embrace Your Light and Your Shadow

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

There are times I feel crippled by my own expectations. By others' expectations. It's one of the most awful feelings - to disappoint and let down.

But today, I give myself permission to be imperfect. Messy. Real.

I will fall short. I will not meet your expectations. I will do it wrong. I will misspeak and miscommunicate. I will forget. I will hurt feelings. I will disappoint you. I will make many mistakes. I will be moody and messy. BUT I am also a fucking badass. I will light the world on fire. I am strong and tenacious. I am a world class lover. I am a giver. I am resilient. I am radiant. I am an inspired creator. I am gentle and caring. I am a loyal friend. My mind is keen and perceptive. My soul is overflowing with love and enthusiasm.

I give myself permission to be me - complete with the brilliant parts and the wild parts.

Today, I stand knowing I am lovable whether you tell me I am or not. I just am. Because I am divine by nature. And you are too. You don't need anyone's permission to be you. You get to be exactly how you are in this moment. You get to be imperfect and messy and vulnerable. You get to be radiant and wild.

Even when being you breaks all the rules.

Embrace your light and your shadow. Your perfection and your messiness. Unapologetically.

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