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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

“I can’t believe I’m so broken I’m reaching out to you.”

This was a message I received this morning and it broke my heart.

It made me sad because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I don’t work with women who are broken. I work with women who finally REFUSE to allow someone else to keep breaking them down. I work with WARRIORS who decide to stop justifying their own mistreatment. I work with GODDESSES who are done settling.

Women don’t work with me because they failed… They work with me because they’re finally ready to WIN. They work with me because they decide they no longer want to place their happiness at the mercy of someone else’s behavior and choices. They work with me because they are ready to take radical responsibility for the creation of their best lives.

As women, many of us have unconsciously (or consciously) bought into the belief the quality of our lives is determined by our partner relationship. Often, our very worth is caught up in how “good” our relationship is. So, if we are experiencing disrespect, mistreatment, and criticism, we not only feel the impact of betrayal and loneliness, we feel deep SHAME about our worth.

We think if we were GOOD ENOUGH, we’d be LOVED. We think if our love was GOOD ENOUGH, they would LOVE US BACK.

So, we come to the conclusion we are just broken. Inadequate. Wrong.


Love, YOU’RE NOT FAILING. You’re NOT broken.

Your worth has NOTHING to do with your relationship. The way you are treated has NOTHING to do with how “good enough” you are and EVERYTHING to do with your PARTNER’S own choices.

Choosing to stop tolerating your own mistreatment and allow a relationship to dissolve is NOT failing. It is true GRIT. It is the most BADASS QUEEN thing you could ever do.

A GODDESS is born every time a woman realizes she is worth more than tolerating her own dishonor.

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