Watch Out For The HIJACKING

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

You finally got up the courage to leave.

You decided you were worth more than this.

You took a stand for your own dignity and left for a better life.

You won’t stand for the lies anymore.

You won’t stand for the disrespect anymore.

You won’t stand for the stealing.

The using.

The manipulating.

The drinking.

The cheating.

The verbal abuse.

But NOW, all of the sudden…

He’s SERIOUS about change.

He stopped drinking and using.

He’s taking treatment seriously.

He’s hitting up the counselor.

He’s paying the bills.

He is apologetic and genuine.

And now, you’re paralyzed. Everything you were so sure of has now been turned on its head. He knows EXACTLY what to say to get you back.


The GOOD GIRL would give him a second (or 50th) chance.

The GOOD GIRL would be forgiving.

The GOOD GIRL would show him compassion and patience.

The GOOD GIRL would be loyal.

But the WARRIOR GODDESS is waiting for you to give her the steering wheel.