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Alignment is a DANCE.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Alignment. I use this word a lot. And we ALL can relate to the feeling of alignment when it happens.

It’s when everything is in flow. There is a feeling of peace and invincibility, and power, and inexplicable joy, all at once. You can experience alignment in a single area of life, or many at once.

It could be in the middle of an athletic competition, when you feel superhuman, as you juggle an enormous number of simultaneous demands effortlessly.

It could be in a relationship, when there is honor and respect and love and attraction, totally in sync and alignment.

It could be when you’re cooking the perfect meal and all the flavors pop, cooked to a divine temperature, and all dishes are finished at the exact right time.

It could be the presentation you completed, every point accented at the correct time, fluidly delivered, and just the right timing.

It could be your health flow - all your meals are prepped, you’re in a solid gym routine, you are pumped to get up every morning, and your body feels SO GREAT.

It could be your business or job - you’re making an impact, love going to work, your coworkers love you, your boss loves you, and you are getting stellar performance reviews.

ALIGNMENT. It feels joyful. It feels effortless. You feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD when you have it.

And here’s the thing about alignment - YOU’VE NEVER ARRIVED.

Alignment is not something you can achieve. It is not an accomplishment to be owned. It’s not a gold medal or a certificate.

It is a constant practice. A constant “tuning in”. A constant brave and honest assessment. A constant falling out and falling back in.

We all know the health nut that got un-fit and un-healthy.

We all know the stellar employee who got tired and disgruntled with his job.

We all know the perfect couple who fell out of love and honor and respect.

We all have seasons where we lose our edge. We forget that sacred space. We lose our alignment. NONE OF US ARE ABOVE IT.

HELL. I’ve done it a MILLION times.

Gotten unhealthy.

Lost my passion.

Tolerated grossly unacceptable behavior.



Justified and excused myself right out of that sweet alignment.

Alignment is a dance. Alignment is a tuning in to our inspiration, intuition, and passion. It is following our heart’s call with abandon, no matter what stands in the way. It’s honoring your inner BOSS, even if _______ happens, even when ________ happens. It’s being 100% all in, no matter what you might lose.

And I love this sweet dance.

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