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NO ONE can take away your RESOURCEFULNESS

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

"Do you really think you can get anywhere in life without me?”

“You’ll never leave. You need me too much.”

“You’re stuck with me. You think you can have this lifestyle without me?”

“You need my money. You’ll never survive without it.”

“You’ll always SLAVE for pennies.”

“Just watch and see what happens. Go ahead.”

You may have never experienced physical abuse.

You may have your own career.

You may work hard.

That does not mean you are exempt from these words or this fear.

Money is the NUMBER ONE reason why women stay in unsatisfying and abusive relationships.

When I left my marriage, I had a job where I worked very hard. I had two businesses that weren’t doing much. I had a college degree that hadn’t gotten me very far. I SERIOUSLY doubted my ability to care for myself. I was TERRIFIED I’d choose to leave and then fall flat on my face.

This is the same fear I see in nearly EVERY woman I work with. And, it’s VERY effective. Many women NEVER leave, or go back.

But here’s the TRUTH, girl. Your DOUBT is the only thing CRIPPLING you. If you believe you will fail and you surround yourself with voices who do nothing but belittle and minimize you, you will call that into being.

He’s right, he CAN take away his RESOURCES.

But, he CANNOT take away your RESOURCEFULNESS.

Fuck the resources. Your RESOURCEFULNESS is your greatest ASSET. And, NO ONE can take that away from you.

When I left, I got fucking SCRAPPY. I got GANGSTER. And, guess what? Everytime I took a brave step, the Divine matched me. I REBUILT. I built a BETTER life than what I had, relying on someone else. I’ve watched MANY women make this journey now and they all say the same thing after they’ve had a chance to rebuild - “What was I so scared of?” “Why didn’t I leave sooner?”

Girl, if you’re like I was, you are living in a fucking illusion. He’s feeding your fears and doubts. He’s keeping you dependent on him. Find your FUCKING WARRIOR - inside yourself.

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