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How to find "The One".

The search for “the one” seems to add a ton of pressure to the dating scene. We are so consumed with finding the right person - our forever partner. We are therefore tasked with the impossible: make sure you choose a human who you can predict will be secure, loyal, ethical, responsible, fun, respectful, beautiful, etc etc - FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. Well shit. Anyone who can do that has some impressive psychic abilities. The reality is humans are a GAMBLE. Life is a gamble. Part of what makes life BEAUTIFUL is its UNCERTAINTY. We are constantly in a state of flow and change and evolution. We are constantly discovering more about ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. This doesn’t stop until we die. Knowing this, how arrogant is it for us to think we can find the PERFECT human being, who will never change, never reveal their shadows, and never go down a path we are unwilling to follow? And how is it we can even assume this of OURSELVES? We aren’t meant to stay the same. And, it is horribly DISHONORING to ourselves and our partners to say “You must stay the same for me, because you PROMISED.” “You must prioritize our relationship above your own calling, your own intuition, and your own happiness, because you PROMISED.” We weren’t meant to stay in relationships no matter how miserable we become. We weren’t meant to stay in relationships no matter how much of our soul they demand. Our partnership is NOT our priority on this planet. Our soul calling is. Our purpose is. What were you meant to do here with your time? Any partnership is meant to enhance your ability to be and do what you were meant to be and do here. Empowering you. Complimenting you. If your relationship is a distraction from your alignment and your purpose, it’s time to refocus. Relationship = a powerful union of two people, creating a greater ability to live in each others’ purpose. Out of each others’ intense love for each other, an illuminating light is lit, empowering more courage, strength, and ability to stand in one’s power. When the relationship IS the focus, it is directionless, because its immense power is meant to be channeled toward a vision. You deserve to live freely in your power and everyone around you deserves it too.

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