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In the name of love....

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

“She drives me crazy but I can’t leave her alone because I love her too much.”

“I tell him what he needs to do because I love him so much.” “We exiled him because we love our people so much.” “We dropped bombs because we love our country so much.” “We burned people at the stake because we loved God so much.” “She gets to me so easily because I love her so much.” “I let him use me because I love him so much.” “We destroyed their heathen culture because we loved God so much.” “I can’t stop myself from beating someone who looks at her ass because I love her so much.” “We murdered them because we love freedom so much.” “I beat her because I love her so much.”

In the name of love…

How many atrocities are committed in the name of this beautiful word?

War Murder Punishment Domestic Violence Abuse of power Self abuse Destruction

I look back at history and realize we can justify just about anything. We can twist even the purest of words to fit our own agenda. These DISHONORING things are NOT LOVE.

Isn’t it time we got honest with ourselves? Isn’t it time we stopped labeling our need for

Control Ownership Security Power Dominance

As love?

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