Love Letter to Yourself

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

You, Love, deserve the world and more. Every desire. Every heart melting experience. Every passion that lights your soul on fire. Every pleasure that fills your body with ecstasy. Every emotion. Every curiosity.

In this life, you will be pressured to be ashamed of wanting more. Wanting more love. Wanting more life. Wanting more knowledge and wisdom. Wanting more honoring connections. Wanting more powerful ways to use your gifts and strengths. Wanting more pure pleasure and peace and passion. I hope you unapologetically demand nothing but the highest quality respect, values, and behavior in your presence.

There will be many who will tell you you want too much. There will be many who mock you and accuse you of being a fool for your standards. I vow to never belittle your self-respect. I vow to hold your standards with the utmost reverence.

I have watched you experience so much pain and grief. You have been betrayed by those you gave your trust to. You have fallen on your face, sometimes in front of everyone. There have been times you wanted to give up. There have been times you wanted to surrender to life’s weight and just submit to a life of compromise and mediocrity. There have been times playing small and “good enough” sounded like a much better idea than getting back up and fighting for what you truly want.