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My Thanks to Divine Kings

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Many men find my message threatening.

They don’t want their partners following me.

They don’t want their partners reading my work.

They feel unsettled by the idea of their partner’s full empowerment.

Because true freedom of choice is SCARY and UNRULY.


Because women who know their DIVINITY, their POWER, and their WORTH are BULLETPROOF.

Because women who DON’T SETTLE or TOLERATE are NOT EASY.

Yes, I am FULLY AWARE of this.

I have been called by angry husbands and soon to be exes.

I have been fired by women whose partners didn’t like the accountability work we were doing.

I have been accused of destroying relationships.

I have been stalked and followed and harassed by men who don’t like my message.

I have seen men AND women fade silently away, too confronted by what they weren’t ready to see.

I DEEPLY respect the men who are NOT threatened by fully empowered women. Who CELEBRATE women’s journey to FREEDOM. Who cheer women on as they fight for their standards, boundaries, and self-respect. Who STAND WITH US in unity.

Those men defy the social norms around them. They refuse to minimize the pain and oppression, others have normalized. They refuse to justify disrespect and mistreatment that is commonplace.

This is BRAVE. This is COURAGEOUS.

I bow in gratitude to these Divine Kings.

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