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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Pay attention when people are offended by your NO.

Pay attention when they repeatedly ask, hoping to wear you down and get their way.

Pay attention when they get offended they aren’t an EXCEPTION to your boundary.

Pay attention when they get DEFENSIVE and feel attacked by your no.

Pay attention when they attempt to GUILT TRIP you for saying no.

Pay attention when they blatantly dismiss and disregard your boundaries.

Pay attention when they feel ENTITLED to access you.


The way your boundaries are received speaks VOLUMES.

People will constantly educate you about their ability to respect others’ boundaries. They can’t help it. If you are paying attention, people will effortlessly show you their true colors.

People who truly value and respect you will not be offended by your boundaries, standards, and limits. They will be more than willing to honor you, as you honor them.

People’s true colors are generally out in the open, begging to be acknowledged candidly. The question is, how will you RESPOND, Goddess?

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