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You have NEVER made a mistake in your life

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What if you could trust that your decisions in the past were the EXACT right decisions for you?

Even if they caused pain.

Even if your heart got broken. Even if it didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Even if it took YEARS to find out that wasn’t the person for your future. Even if you have had some trauma. Even if you will never be the same. Even if. What if the choices you made, the relationships you had, the “mistakes” you made were DIVINE? What if you could TRUST the past you chose what she did out of WISDOM, knowing you were meant to MASTER all of the things you have now experienced? What if she knew the way to build resiliency and strength was to go through fire? What if she knew the only way to convince you to have your own back was to see the devastation that happens when you don’t? WHAT IF? What if your past self was wiser than you ever gave credit for? What if she IS trustworthy now? What if she can be trusted RIGHT NOW to lead you to the next perfect lesson of mastery and growth? MAYBE IT’S TIME TO ACKNOWLEDGE HER.

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